Subtle Matters – Present: A Reflection of Past

Mohan went about his life normally after his experiment of healing with the universal energy. Over a period of next few months, he started noticing his interactions with his father getting easier. There was an increasing level of bonhomie between him and his father as if either he himself or his father would somehow ensure that there were no confrontations. He felt a subtle change in his own attitude, which would make him avoid saying anything which could instigate his father to resist him. Even he also felt that his father had become much more accepting towards Mohan’s decisions, or had started expressing his intention of non-interference. Mohan was not sure if he could attribute this change to the healing or it was just a normal turn of events, which should have anyways happened with time.


Scrutinizing the Past

Mohan continued in life with the memories of his past life revelations and his newly acquired knowledge of nature of his relations with some of his close relatives. So continued his ill habit of staring at women at every chance. Now, this habit had even taken a worst turn as Mohan’s gaze was now directly hitting the women at their bodily curves. Especially, when Mohan faced the back of the women, his gaze was even more audacious. Some of his women colleagues took notice of it at a random instance, but might have decided to give it a pass as Mohan, otherwise, had reputation of a very diligent and focused on work executive. Mohan also got to know whenever a colleague suspected him of his misadventures, and started avoiding gazing at that lady for some days to be safe. While he was being able to somehow protect himself, at the same time, he was growing aware of the urgency of some intervention that he needed to cure himself.


Subtle Matters – Shadow of the Past

No matter how much he thought about finding a possible solution, Mohan did not find any solution to his problem. He had almost given up to this bad habit of staring at women at every chance. The only way out he found was keeping himself engaged in work, as at such times his this habit used to take a back seat. On the other hand, he continued with his intense practice of meditation and energy healing.


Most Effective Meditation for Heart Chakra Healing

Heart Chakra and its Function

Heart Chakra is located at the height just below the point where ribs meet at the center, along the spine. The Chakra is the middle one (4th) among the seven major chakras in our body and thus plays as a bridge between the lower chakras and the higher chakras. This also acts as a bridge/ balance between the physical and spiritual aspects. The adequate energy flow at this chakra, enables the person to experience calmness, acceptance, serenity and happiness. This can be achieved by regular mediation or healing of this Chakra.


Meditation for Solar Plexus (Navel) Chakra Healing

Solar Plexus (Navel) Chakra and its Function

Solar Plexus (or navel) chakra is located just below the navel height and along the spine. The chakra represents the fire element and controls the function of digestive system in the body. Adequate flow at this chakra helps in bodily strength, glow, good metabolism and vitality in the body. This all can be achieved by regular mediation or healing of this Chakra.