Meditation on Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra and its Function

Third Eye Chakra is located at center of the eyebrows. Adequate energy flow at this Chakra enables the person to be intuitive. The person becomes capable of utilizing abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience in day to day life. The person also becomes calm and composed as he is able to see the higher purpose behind the events/ things. This can be achieved by regular mediation or healing of this Chakra.

The chakra is signified by the indigo lotus with two petals at the center of the eyebrows. The chant for meditating on this Chakra is “aum” (“au” while inhaling and “m” while exhaling). The mudra (finger posture) for meditating on the Third Eye Chakra is as shown below.


Meditation on the Third Eye Chakra

Meditation at this Chakra is done after meditation at the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra (in that order).

To meditate on the Third Eye Chakra, first the person needs to be seated on a mat on the floor, cross-legged (or on a chair normally), spine straight, head over shoulders. Be relaxed, gently close eyes, bring your focus on your breath and try to let go tension in the muscles of various body parts.

Once you feel that you are in a relaxed state and have settled your focus on your breath, witness your breath rate gradually slowing down – don’t force it, just let it happen. In this state, now gradually shift your attention to the Third Eye Chakra. Visualize the indigo colored two-petal lotus and mentally chant “au” while inhaling, and chant “m” while exhaling. With each inhalation, visualize the lotus booming and with each exhalation, visualize it shrinking a bit.

If you are shifting your meditation from the Throat Chakra to the Third Eye Chakra, just gently shift the position of your mudra from the earlier one to the mudra for this Chakra and shift the mental chant from ham to aum.

Subtle Changes you can experience as a result of this meditation

After few months of regular practice, you will start feeling building up energy flow and a tingling sensation at the Third Eye Chakra. You would also experience subtle experiences of your intuitions being proved right. You might experience your growing tendency of being disinterested in lot of activities of the world. These all are indications that your practice is going in the right direction. Keep practicing every day!



Old Gentleman rids of his swollen feet after 20 years

This 56 years old gentleman had been attracting aches, injuries, swellings on the left part of his body – hand, leg, and feet. The longest issue was pain and swelling on his left ankle, which was continuing for almost an year, despite all medical diligence.


On healing the person through Serenity Surrender, it was found that the person was deep in conflict between logic and emotion, favouring the latter and feeling guilty for ignoring logic. This had a past life connection. In that life, the person in his childhood was trying hard to swim against a stream, arising due to flood. He was emotionally wrecked for loosing all his close ones. Now all he wanted was to somehow not leave that place where he had lived all this while and where he has all pleasant memories of life.

While, eventually this boy had to accept the terms of life, but he always felt guilty of making a logical choice of leaving his cherished place. This made him feel tempted to ignore logic as much as possible and go by emotions. Even for making this choice, the person kept feeling guilty of ignoring logics every now and then. This all was leading to a rising conflict between logic and emotion. This was manifesting in the form of issues in left part of the body, which is controlled by right part of the brain.

Within a week of conducting the healing, the person reported significant improvement in his swelling ankles and other injuries.

May he continue to live in bliss!

Most Effective Meditation for Throat Chakra Healing

Throat Chakra and its Function

Throat Chakra is located at the base of the throat, along the spine. Adequate energy flow at this Chakra enables the person to be expressive and controls the functions of respiratory system in the body. People with blockages in energy flow at this Chakra are likely to experience difficulties in social gatherings, feel shy of expressing themselves, and are likely to be prone of catching cold, cough and/ or breathing issues. The adequate energy flow at this chakra, enables the person to overcome all the above mentioned issues. This can be achieved by regular mediation or healing of this Chakra. (more…)