Cranky hubby n nagging wife

A man in late thirties often experienced his wife blaming him for shouting at her. And… the poor man never realized if he was shouting at her. In his opinion, he was just putting across his point with an extra bit of conviction.

Sounds like a story of every married couple. Isn’t it šŸ™‚

One day, this took a really ugly turn and the couple went into an argument. The wife claiming that her husband was shouting at her. The man convinced that he was just talking. To the man’s plight, their kid also sided with the lady. Now, the man realizes that he ought to do something about it.

His healing through Serenity Surrender reveals a connection of a previous life, where the husband developed an intense guilt for not choosing to help this lady in a really tough time, despite being capable of helping her.

After the session, the couple reported significant change in attitude and improved home environment.

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