Bells Palsy patient gains benefit

My experiences as a healer are making me feel complete, giving me a serene feeling of fullness and contentment. I hardly find myself longing for something and yet find myself enjoying the bliss in life.

A similar feeling i experienced when the life offered me to heal a person who had recently suffered from Bells Palsy (partial face paralysis) attack. The person, a 28 years old gentleman, had completed using the medications and physiotherapy by which his face twist was cured to a large extent, but still there was some recognizable twist left over.  Besides the facetwist, this person was into an incorrigible habit of thinking negatively about himself and people around him, and causing unnecessary stress for himself.

After the Reiki sessions, this person reported a general feeling of being full of energy and a much controlled tendency of going into that thinking mode. His happiness quotient improved and so did his relations with people around him. His facetwist also reduced to almost unrecognizable levels.

I feel overwhelmed for being chosen by the Divine to be of help.

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