A young IT professional comes out of his chronic depression spells

A 32-year old IT professional was suffering with chronic spells of depression for over two years and was advised to use anti-depression pills. Some of the issues he faced included:

  • feeling that something bad was going to happen
  • loosing sense of reality and himself
  • fear of forgetting everything and hence sleeplessness
  • afraid of being alone
  • muscle tightness in head due to lack of proper sleep
  • being unable to focus when working alone
  • tendency of trying to pay too much attention to surroundings
  • loosing visual focus

While healing through Serenity Surrender, it was observed that the person was a warrior in a previous lifetime and was engaged in a battle. He was trapped alone by enemies and had to fight alone with a group of opponents. He got several cues about the conspiracy which he did not pay heed to and repented for never paying enough attention to details, which led him to make wrong judgment.

Within few days of the healing, the person reported significant improvement and started enjoying the bliss of life!

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