Neither Time, Nor Space

We are so accustomed to Time and Space dimensions in our day to day lives, often believing them beyond the scope of questions or suspicion. We can never imagine a world or existence without time and without space. However, if we go through any spiritual text, it would invariably refer to a realm where time and space no more exist. And, at that point our logical mind tends to give up.

If you have experienced distance healing or who have known healers who practice distance healings, you can relate here. The healer would sit at a place, physically distant from the location of the person being healed. The person being healed would experience the same energy flow/ sensations as if being healed in person. If we scrutinize this event logically, hasn’t the healer in that realm defied space dimension?

Similarly, if you have known people who conduct past life regression (PLR), they defy the time dimension. In Serenity Surrender healing modality also the healer is able to connect with the person healed in a realm which is beyond time to see the cause of the person’s current suffering/ issue. Once the issue is brought to the person’s conscious awareness and healed, the person is able to witness quick recovery.

Through regular practice, the seekers of spiritual pursuits are able to flirt into the realm which is beyond time and space.

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