JungleOnce being fed-up of the order of city life,

I went to pacify myself in the disorders of jungle.

The drive was too full of orderly troubles,

With threatening sense of overly vigilant new-age drivers.

Once I left the highway to the modest and broken country roads,

A sigh of relief was nothing but a spontaneous response.

A nice resort was presenting the glimpses of fleeting orderly stuff of the trip,

Being so close to the greenery, though controlled, was still a thrill


The early morning drive to the jungle was full of an uneasy qualm,

Monkeys played an amused audience when hot tea and jungle chill were struggling hard,

Then started the utter disorder of the jungle, where

Each twig & shoot was growing over the other,

with sheer indifference to other’s presence

Nothing seemed controlled, no controller, oh really?

How then this uncared for and unplanned jungle stands thick

and counts its history in centuries, if not more

Thrives, survives all weathers, not only,

But so do thrive all its inhabitants


That Antelope looked so hale and healthy,

Unfazed by the close presence of visitors in safari

The spotted deer are healthier cousins of those

Whom I had seen at the zoo earlier

Sambar were fulfilling duties of giving an orderly call,

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