Issues with M-i-L

This 45-yrs old lady had been witnessing sever issues with her mom-in-law over past 20 years. The situation had reached to a level that she had lost her natural cheerfulness and she had developed several severe health issues (including anxiety attacks, arthritis, and so on). She was heavily on medications and had lost hopes of a pleasant life. She also felt that her condition had also started affecting her children, who were not unaware of the consistent issues between their mother and grandmom.

The lady took three healing sessions over the span of two months. During these sessions, she got awareness about her past connection with her m-i-l, and how she had developed guilt  and observed the following changes in her life experience:

Within a week of the first session, she found drastic improvement in her overall attitude. Once again, may be after years, she found her lost cheerful self. This led to a sea change in her health condition and alleviated her dependence on medicines significantly.

Within 2 weeks of the second session, she had started acknowledging that her interactions with other family members and her colleagues improved.

Within few weeks of the third session, her relations with her M-i-L started to become easier. She found her reactions turning controlled (and conscious) to anything that was coming to her from her M-i-L, and vice versa. Gradually, clashes started converting into discussions, which started ending to some tacit agreement. Overall, negativity in her life experience waned and bliss started taking over.

May this bliss continues to grow in her life.

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