What resists our desires

Many times we wonder that why life keeps denying us our wishes till the time we really want them, and as soon as we cease to desire them, they become part of our reality effortlessly.

Our desire also accompanies our sub-conscious resistance to the very same object of our desire. This resistance makes it almost impossible for us to experience fulfillment of our desires. As we move on from our desire, the resistance ceases to exist and makes our desire to manifest effortlessly.

So, if we critically examine our deep desires to see why we sub-consciously consider ourselves unworthy of that desire, we would be able to either do away with our unworthiness or help ourselves move on from that desire. Various healing modalities such as Serenity Surrender and Reiki help individuals in overcoming such resistances to their desires. This enables individuals to be more receptive to life and allows them to live life with higher level of acceptance, naturally unblocking hindrances to the fulfillment of their desires.

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