Benefits of Reiki for this Generation



Reiki is a non-intrusive and ancient energy healing method where in the healer directs the flow of universal energy towards the affected part/ organ of the patient’s body. As a result of the restored/ improved energy flow, the affected part/ organ pf the patient’s body gets healed.

The healers can direct the flow of energy by placing his/ her hands over the affected part/ organ in case of in-person healing session. If the patient is located at a place distant from the location of the healer, the healer makes an energetic connection with the patient from the distant location and conducts healing. This is call distant healing. Both ways of conducting healing are equally effective.

All ailments/ disorders we experience are the result of blockage in the energy flow in the affected body part. Once the energy flow is restored through healings, the patient starts feeling relief in his/ her condition.

Reiki healing is very effective, and the patients report complete resolution or significant improvements in their conditions within upto 21 regular sessions, depending on complexity of the disorder, age of the patient, and the level of trust of the patient in his/ her healing.

All professional healers would insist on having consent of the patient before starting to conduct healing on the patient.

Some typical areas where Reiki can be of immense help are listed below:

  • Quick recovery from bone injuries, body pains resulting from accidents
  • General body pains, issues due to lifestyle/ sedentary routine
  • Aging issues, autoimmune disorders, etc
  • Issues due to hormonal imbalances
  • Hypertension, depression, insomnia and other stress-related issues
  • Many others


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