Root Chakra Healing Meditation

Root Chakra, located at the base of our spinal column, is one of the seven major energy Chakras in our body. Unrestricted energy flow or healing of the energy blocks at the Root Chakra helps a person live blissfully in the physical gross world, enjoying health and fulfillment of gross desires. Adequate energy flow can be ensured or restored at this Chakra by regular meditation on this Chakra, for 5 minutes daily to start with. 

Root Chakra is represented by the symbol of a bright red, four petaled lotus at the base of the spine. The chant for meditating on this Chakra is “lam” (“l” while inhaling and “m” while exhaling). The mudra (finger posture) for meditating on the Root Chakra is as shown in the pic.

Root Chakra

To meditate on Root Chakra, first the person needs to be seated on a mat on the floor, cross-legged (or on a chair normally), spine straight, head over shoulders. Be relaxed, gently close eyes, bring your focus on your breath and try to let go tension in the muscles of various body parts.

Once you feel that you are in a relaxed state and have settled your focus on your breath, witness your breath rate gradually slowing down – dont force it, just let it happen. In this state, now gradually shift your attention to the Root Chakra. Visualize the red colored four-petal lotus and mentally chant “l” while inhaling, and chant “m” while exhaling. With each inhalation, visualize the lotus booming and with each exhalation, visualize it shrinking a bit.

After few days of regular practice, you will start feeling some tingling sensations at the base of the spine. This is an indication that your practice is going in the right direction. Keep practicing every day!




5 thoughts on “Root Chakra Healing Meditation

  1. Hello. You mention tingling at the end of this post. I recently did a chakra-based guided meditation and felt intense tingling around my jaw & neck area when the meditation came to focus on the throat chakra. Do you think this tingling I experienced means the chakra is blocked, or that it’s “opening” via the meditation? I’m a little confused on that. Thank you so much if you reply!!!!


    • Hello and thank you for posting your query.
      First thing, the tingling sensation you experienced indicates that your practice is on the right track. Congrats for that.
      The tingling sensation means the building up energy flow in that body part. Usually it is more pronounced in those body parts where we have blockages in the energy flow. Mostly, people who r more reserved, and introvert in social circles tend to be so due to inadequate energy flow in throat chakra. Regular practice of throat chakra meditation leads to such people overcome such tendencies n their being n in the long run become more expressive.


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