Catharsis Part 2 – Ray of Hope? Or, Mirage?

It was a pleasant March morning in New Delhi. Reema’s family (her hubby Ashish and kid Krish) plans to visit Ashish’s cousin sister in Chandigarh, 250 kms north from New Delhi, over the weekend. Ashish’s cousin sister, Sheena is a jovial homemaker, who loves to be among friends and family. A party person and a superb hostess, she would enjoy the time spent with guests, gossiping and joking about those family members or friends not present there. Mohan, her hubby – in stark contrast – a reserved, laconic but confident person, who would accompany the party throughout, responding with smiles and rare laughter for all nasty or otherwise jokes. Often, parties and social gatherings are like long imposed social obligations for Mohan, who would invariably retire to bed after party with a big sigh of relief – Oh! It’s over. 

After Ashish and Reema reached Sheena’s place, the evening started with the party mood and continued over several hours, mostly talking about the childhood days of Ashish and Sheena. The way the two cousins were part of a gang of kids who would play, eat and gossip whole day in the summer school vacations, making the life tough for the homemaker ladies of the joint family. Gradually, the chatter shifted from the childhood stories of Ashish and Sheena to both the kids. Ashish started talking about Krish’s fascination with gadgets and Reema did not loose a minute to shift herself from a listener in the group to an active contributor. To this Sheena responded with a couple of things about Vihaan. After few minutes, it was almost a competition between Reema and Sheena, both talking about their kids. Hours flied in air when the party realized it was time for the dinner.

They all sat again together after the dinner. By now Reema noticed something strange and unique about Mohan. She had not seen Mohan speaking much throughout the party so far over the past five hours or so. He was involved in the chatter, an active listener and was responsive to all banters in the conversation, but was not contributing much to the jokes. She felt an urge to know more about this person, to assess if he was a dumb one or was a no non-sense type.

Reema started by casually asking Mohan about his work, interests and hobbies. Mohan replied that he was a business consultant with a multi-national firm and pursued serious meditation as his hobby. Reema asked what he meant by serious meditation. Mohan replied that he had been practicing meditation regularly for over seven years. He spent significant time in knowing about various meditation techniques through reading spiritual books, watching meditation related videos and listening to the experiences of other practitioners/ yogis.

Over the period of past seven years, Mohan had witnessed transformation in his own self on various dimensions. Seven years back, Mohan was a 30-years old gentleman who was suffering from lungs tuberculosis, severe bronchitis and acute deficiency of vitamin D. His fragile body was barely able to move a step without him grimacing in pain, which often made him irritable, which in turn, was causing unease in his family life. His frequent coughing made his body pain even worse and he had developed several hairline fractures in his ribs. Often, his heap of daily medicines was bigger in size than the size of his whole day meals. He was just somehow carrying on with the life and with his job, as he was the sole earning member of his family. Today, Mohan is a healthy person who does not usually need to take a single medicine or supplement throughout the year. He hardly uses his quota of sick leave at office. He is fast, active and as pleasant and cheerful as a teenager.

Impressed by what they heard, Ashish and Reema curiously asked Mohan what was the key reason for the transformation in his health. Mohan replied that health transformation was a journey of sort for him. The first and immediate step of it was to undergo the medical treatment for all the ailments to stop further deterioration in his condition. Once he was in a steady state, he started a 15 minutes daily regimen of selected yoga postures and breathing techniques, and increased the duration of his practices to 45 minutes a day as he got into the habit over the period of next one year. By now, he had attained an effective control on most of his ailments and had reduced the heap of his daily pills to a minimal size. Gradually, over the next one year he started adding 10 minutes of daily meditation in his daily routine of postures and breathing exercises. After that, he shifted completely to 1-2 hours of meditation daily, and finds meditation alone effective enough to ensure immunity power of his body. To further accentuate the efficacy of meditation, Mohan laughingly added that by now he was not only a practitioner, but he also had developed the capacity to heal self and others.

The last statement from Mohan struck Reema hard and she, just to confirm what she heard, requested Mohan to repeat. Mohan said in a more serious tone now that he was not only a practitioner of meditation, but was also a HEALER.

Reema: What exactly you mean by healing?

Mohan: My meditation practice has rendered me ability to heal self and others through various means. The healings can be done for various issues/ concerns faced by a person in the physical realm, or in the realm of subconscious mind, or at the soul level. At times, the causes of the issues are rooted deep and belong to any past life experiences of the person.

Reema’s mind started racing fast in expectation. Was she actually speaking to a person who is a healer, who heals issues at the subtle levels like energy, mind and soul? Can this person be a quack? But, he is not a full-time healer, he pursues healing as a hobby. Should I speak to him about my issue now? Or, it is also going to turn out a failed experiment?


Ashish: Hey folks, lets get off to the bed now. Kids are feeling drawsy and they wont go to bed without us.

Reema, with her mind still racing with a mix of expectation and confusion, followed Ashish and Krish to the bedroom and turned to say good night to the host couple.


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