Catharsis – Part 4 – Setting the Stage

13th April was a Friday and Reema, Ashish and Krish had their dinner together. The next morning at 5 AM, they were to start their drive to Lance Downe, for a 3 day trip. They were hoping to reach Lance Downe by 2 PM. Sheena’s family were also to reach Lance Downe by the same time, such that the two families can join together for the lunch at the Hill Top resort, a 3-star property at the top of the hill overlooking Lance Downe.

By 11 PM, Ashish, Krish and Reema called it a day so that they can get up by 4 AM the next morning. While Ashish and Krish went to sleep almost immediately, Reema was unable to sleep. Her mind was overly active thinking about the next day. Am I making a mistake in getting into this healing stuff with Mohan? Does Mohan really know all this? Would it cause any harm to me? What if it actually worked? Should I discuss this with my parents or with Ashish or with anyone else whom I can trust before getting the healing done? She did not realize when she started imagining that her fear had gone as a result of the healing and she had surprised every one of her relatives who ever taunted her for her closed lifestyle. All those relatives were now trying to be pally with her to understand the cause of her transformation. Then she reminds herself that she is still in her bed. Wondering what time it was, she checks her mobile which shows it was 2 AM. She curses herself for being unable to sleep and decides to give a determined attempted to fall asleep this time. After another half an hour or so, she witnesses her frustration with herself turning almost into anger for not falling asleep. Loosing hope, she tells herself that fine, she was not going to sleep tonight, but she would just wait for the alarm to go off at 4 AM. And, she must not sleep now, else she wont be able to get up at 4 AM. Now, determined to not fall asleep, she did not realize when she dozed off.

She is quickly preparing the breakfast for the three of them. Ashish was in the washroom taking bath. Krish was still asleep, despite Reema’s several attempts to get him up. Reema multi-tasking at her best, with her two eyes looking at the four burners of her gas stove all at the same time, in parallel her mouth shouting at Krish, to continue her attempts to wake him up. With so much going on in the world, some irritating sound – almost a beep – ringing somewhere in the background and getting louder and louder with each passing minute. Reema shouts at Ashish to see what this irritating beep is before she realizes he was in the washroom. She next shouts at Krish to check this sound, which has now become almost unbearably loud, but to no avail, as Krish wont buzz from his sleep. The irritating sound was just ear shattering now, right then Reema wakes up and finds the alarm doing its duty for past 20 minutes. Hurriedly and worriedly, she wakes up, turns off the alarm and finds Ashish and Krish both asleep. For a moment, she almost falls to the idea of catching sleep for another few minutes, then the idea of meeting Mohan and her healing crosses her mind and she finds herself fully active.

In an hour, the family embarked on the drive to Lance Downe and reaches there by 2:30 PM. Sheena’s family had reached there just 15 minutes earlier and was just getting settled in the room number 108. The adjoining room, 109, was reserved for Reema’s family. After a while, the two families met for the lunch at the restaurant. Krish and Vihaan have become friends by now, thanks to their meetings in quick succession. With kids busy among themselves, the two couples started casual conversation, about the nature, freshness of air in the hilly area, air pollution of Indian cities and so on.

Lance Downe, as a tourist destination, offers hardly anything to do to the tourists, which is perhaps the reason for its attraction to urban middle class, who just want to spend some time away from the busy and clamorous city life. Tourists at Lance Downe spend time in visiting an almost non-existent mall road, which has hardly 20-30 shops. There is a famous Shiva temple around 30 kms away in the middle of a dense forest, which requires people to trek for around 1 km or so. Apart from this, all the time, people can spend at their resort, enjoying the natural beauty and playing some sport.

After the lunch, both the families retired for a nap and met again in the evening. They started playing some sports at the resort: table tennis, basketball, badminton. Later in the evening, they sat together and started conversing on various topics casually. Reema thought that it was the right time for her to discuss with Mohan about the healing.

Reema: Mohan, why don’t you tell us something about your healing practices? What type of healing you do and how does it work?

Mohan: Sure. I practice energy healings wherein I connect with the consciousness of the person being healed and understand the root causes of the person’s concerns. Often these root causes are nothing but fallacious beliefs the person carries in his/ her consciousness, which lead the person to experience the same problems time and again. These root causes can be either from the past events in the current life or from any of the past lives. Once identified, the person being healed is made aware of the root cause of his concerns so that it comes in the person’s conscious awareness. Then, the person is healed for those fallacious beliefs, so that over the course of some time the person ceases to subconsciously creating the same experience for oneself.

Ashish: That was too much to digest. You mean to say Mohan that we ourselves create problems in our lives subconsciously?

Mohan: That’s right.

Reema: But, why would somebody do that?

Mohan: Because the person is not aware that he himself is creating the problematic situations. In order to explain this better to you both, let us assume there is a person who subconsciously believes that he is not good in making new friends and he must be in an extraordinary situation to be able to gain attention of people around him. This person will subconsciously create situations for himself like minor accidents, etc such that people can come to see him and he can gain attention. Now, if this belief is dissolved, and the person is made aware that he is good enough to make friends even without attracting such situations for himself, his subconscious mind will cease to create such situations for him.

Ashish: That means our thoughts and beliefs have power to shape our lives.

Mohan: Absolutely. We shape our life all the time through our thoughts and beliefs, unknowingly. That’s why it is important to watch our thoughts. If we give energy to positive thoughts, it will manifest in our life and on the contrary if we give energy to negative thoughts, it will manifest too in our life.

Reema: You also mentioned about past life. Does that mean the healings you do are through past life regression? How about those people who do not believe in past life?

Mohan: In a past life regression, the therapist takes the person being healed into past life awareness and makes him see certain events. However, in the healing practice I follow, I connect with the person’s consciousness and get the required information about the person’s past life. Moreover, even if a person does not believe in past life that does not make it non-existent.

Reema: Is it all really true? Mohan, you being a science graduate and a business consultant by profession, do you really think all this can be true?

Mohan: In fact Reema, after knowing about and experiencing all of this, I started believing that science still requires lot of time to catch up. It has really long way to go yet. The limitation science faces is that it focuses on external world to find answers to all the problems. Perhaps, the easier and more definitive way to satisfy all curiosities is inward, though meditation and contemplation.

Reema: Okay. What all types of problems can be healed through healings? Can problems like fear be healed through healings?

Mohan: Healing has a vast scope and can be used to resolve issues faced by a person at any level: physical (disease, disorders etc), mental (fear, stress, depression etc) and spiritual (feeing stuck in one’s spiritual progress).

Sheena: Mohan, does it mean that the entire fraternity of medical professionals is just not required.

Mohan: Of course not. Healings are being increasingly accepted in supplementary role to modern medicines. It has been observed that a person’s recovery becomes faster with use of healing as a supplement to modern medicines.

Reema: Mohan it was very interesting to know all this from you. In fact, I require your help in resolving this nagging fear that I suffer from. Would you be able to help me through healing?

Mohan: Of course Reema, I will be happy to help. Lets meet for a session tomorrow after breakfast. It might take about an hour or so.

Mohan looking at Ashish and Sheena for their approval said that we would have to sit undisturbed during this period for healing. Ashish and Sheena nodded in approval.

Sheena: Folks, its time for the dinner and I am feeling hungry. Lets have the dinner.

After the dinner and some more conversation, both the families retired to their rooms. Reema was again finding it hard to sleep. Her mind was busy thinking about her healing session the next day. She started thinking about what she learnt from Mohan about healing that evening. She was wondering if what Mohan told them was really true. Does our subconscious mind really create traps for us, the way Mohan mentioned? She never realized when she dozed off thinking about all this.


(pic by Tilting Tripod





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