Catharsis – Part 6 – Peeping into the time

While Mohan found Reema struggling to let her voice come out, he closed his eyes again as if he got his answer.

After gaining control over her tongue, Reema replied in an affirmative. Mohan acknowledged her reply with a silent nod and continued sitting closed eyes.

Reema took a closer look at Mohan and wondered how completely Mohan’s outward appearance belies his actual persona. The lanky 5 ft 8 inch figure, hardly weighing 55 kgs, would easily make any person believe that Mohan is a far from healthy person, if not sick. The thick eyeglasses on his face would further accentuate this belief about his health in any body’s mind. His thin and long arms and legs make his attire look ill-fit and clumsy over his slight body. Over all this, Mohan’s nonchalant attitude towards his appearance further makes him an awful package to look at. The impression starts to change about him only when he starts speaking, as he invariably comes across as a well-mannered, soft spoken and intelligent person. He would be courteous and pleasant while interacting with anybody, be it a kid, an adult, an old person, rich or poor. He would remain calm and composed, and would hardly be reactive in any situation. He would add some witty half/ one-liners randomly in between to add his subtle humor in between any conversation. He is invariably an attentive listener and makes the conversation flowing, even when he is not speaking at all. He would mostly speak less but precise, and despite that he is an engaging person. He hardly speaks about his meditation, spiritual and healing practices, unless asked. He is forthright and simple. The more Reema was getting to know about Mohan, the more depth she found in him as a person.

Reema’s train of thoughts was broken by Mohan’s next question…

Mohan: Can you explain a bit more whatever details you might have noticed about your feet injuries or pains.

Reema: I experience one or the other issue with my feet all the time. Few weeks back I got my foot bend while walking, which caused pain to me for a few days. Prior to that, I was having a general feet pain, which the doctor diagnosed being caused by deficiency of vitamin D. Before that, I fell in my dancing class, which caused pain in my feet for another couple of weeks. There were similar minor incidents even before that too.

Mohan: Did you experience similar incessant pattern of foot injury prior to your marriage?

Reema: I sustained one off foot injury that time but never experienced this type of pattern in injuries.

As Reema was talking about this she felt a sudden surge of the same feeling of discomfort or nausea that she experienced at the start of the session. But, she decided to let it be. She also wondered that how come she never noticed that this pattern in her foot injury was not there before her marriage.

Mohan: Can you tell me some of the most striking changes in your life as a result of your marriage?

Reema: Prior to marriage, I was hardly alone. Ours was a big, joint family, with almost 18-20 family members living in a huge house. However, after marriage as we are living as a nuclear family, it was only the two of us living in the flat, till the time Krish was born. Moreover, Ashish used to leave for his office everyday and I wasn’t working which made me stay at home alone for almost the whole day. It was a big change in my life.

Mohan: What were your feelings and emotions that time, if you can recall them now?

Reema: Obviously, I used to feel uncared for and unattended.

Reema saw Mohan taking special notice of her last statement and he again started scribbling something on his notepad vigorously. Reema felt her feeling of nausea calming down again. Mohan continued writing something for next 5 minutes before folding the notepad with a deep breath and relieved expressions on his face.

Mohan: How is your feeling of nausea now, as compared to what it was when we started the session?

Reema: I am feeling significantly better. I don’t feel any head-heaviness now, neither I am feeling like running away.

Mohan: Reema, I connected with your consciousness energetically and tried to fathom the cause of your fear. I got the understanding of your fear, which I am going to share with you in some time. This fear originates from an event in one of your past lives and has been affecting you since then. It gets manifested in various forms and at various levels. I must even tell you that your fear and your frequent foot injuries are related. In fact, the foot injury is another way of manifestation of your deep seated fear into physical reality. As we discuss all this, please try to keep yourself detached as much as possible, because none of this is going to happen to you now. Please take notice of your emotions as and when they arise as we discuss those events. If by any chance, you feel little overwhelmed with emotions at any point in time, do let me know and drink some water.


(Pic from Tilting Tripod


Reema: Sure Mohan. I will.

Reema again felt a sudden surge of restlessness and a strong sense of running away. But, she kept herself controlled.

Mohan: To begin with, I am going to tell you some affirmations. These are nothing but some of the beliefs that you carry at the subconscious level. For these affirmations, we will conduct the healings.

Reema’s curiosity reached its peak, as did her restlessness…


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