Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing

Energy healing is the practice of channelizing one’s subtle bodily energies to remove energy blockages, which in turn, activates the body’s inherent and natural self-healing abilities.

The subtle energy system in our body consists of a vast network of nadis (energy channels) spread throughout the body. This network consists of three major nadis (meridians), namely Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. Of these, Ida is located on the left side, starting from left testicle to left nostril, and is associated with lunar or feminine energy. It controls the right part of the brain and thus controls the emotional, mental and softer aspects of one’s personality traits.

Pingala is located on the right side, starting from right testicle to right nostril, and is associated with solar or masculine energy. It controls the left side of the brain and thus controls the vital functions of one’s personality.

Sushumna is located at the center and connects the base (root) chakra to the crown chakra. With regular practice, a practitioner aims to attain the balanced energy flow between Ida and Pingala, such that the energy flow through Sushumna can start.

The three nadis meet at the root chakra. From here, Ida alternates from left to right side and back to the left side at each upper chakra. Similarly, Pingala alternates from right to left side and back to right side at each upper chakra. Thus, the three nadis interconnect at the seven major energy chakras along the spine, and create energy pools at these energy centers in the body. Adequate flow and balance of masculine and feminine energies at these energy centers go a long way in ensuring health and wellbeing of a person at physical, mental and spiritual/ energetic levels.

Different energy healing methodologies help is removing the energy blocks at these major chakras to resolve the corresponding issues being faced by the affected person.

Energy Healings can be done through various methods, including Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Theta Healing, Serenity Surrender, Music/ Sound Healing and others. These healings can either be done in person or through distance healing methods. Essentially, all of these methodologies aim to remove the energy blocks in various energy chakras, or in the overall energy system.

How it works

All energy healing modalities work on the principle of restoring energy flow at the affected body part or the affected Chakra. However, different energy healing modalities may work differently in identifying the root cause of the problem. For example, in Reiki the therapist would do a body scan by hovering his/ her palms over the patient’s body to sense the differences in energy flow. In crystal therapy, the healer uses precious stones to restore energy flow at the affected body parts/ Chakras. In Serenity Surrender, the therapist would ask the patient a few questions in order to arrive at the patient’s core belief(s) at the subconscious mind or soul level, which could be causing the energy blockage. Once identified, these belief(s) are healed to restore the adequate energy flow, leading to transformation of concerns/ issues in the physical.


Various energy healing treatments are increasingly being used by people across the world these days as supplementary treatment to modern medicines. Various hospitals across the world employ Reiki masters or other energy healing practitioners on their rolls. It has been observed that including energy healings as supplementary treatments to modern medicines leads to significant improvement in recovery rates of patients across a range of ailments and disorders.

Some of the areas where energy healings are used most frequently (but not a comprehensive list) is as below:

  • Quick recovery from bone injuries, body pains resulting from accidents
  • General body pains, issues due to lifestyle/ sedentary routine
  • Aging issues, autoimmune disorders, etc
  • Issues due to hormonal imbalances
  • Hypertension, depression, insomnia and other stress-related issues
  • Relationship issues

Myths about Energy Healing

Often people associate energy healing with certain myths. Some of the popular ones are explained/ clarified below:

  • Energy Healing is associated with negativity:

People tend to believe that energy healing is associated with black magic or other nefarious activities. In contrast, all energy healing modalities are associated with the attitude of gratitude towards everything. These modalities work on unconditional love for everything and everyone, and so, are very positive. No healing is performed to harm any person or thing. Healings are performed only to remove energy blockages. There are no side effects of energy healings.

  • Energy Healing is associated with any specific religion:

Energy healings are not associated with any specific religion. Various ancient cultures and civilizations have studied deeply about our bodies and various nuances of its relation with nature. Energy healing modalities are based on the extensive study of body’s energy systems and not based on any religious dogma.

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