Subtle Matters – Sustaining the Light

Mohan decided to give himself more time to recover from his failures in his attempts towards devotion. His attempts towards controlling his mind were going in vain repeatedly. Meanwhile, he continued to do well in his studies and compliments and praises continued to come his way from his teachers and relatives. His parents continued to be proud of their kids, whom they thought to be a marvelous kid.

After pondering for few days, Mohan came to the conclusion that perhaps his mind was still not ready to be dedicated in the devotion of the mother and Shiva. He must dedicate his devotion to some others deity, meditating on whom would not lead his mind to ever think about gender or any sexual ideas. After some thinking, he decided Lord Hanuman, the monkey God, to be the one whom he should worship. Lord Hanuman represents the energy of devotion and service towards thes Master through all physical, mental and emotional prowess.

Having failed in the devotion of the mother and Shiva twice, Mohan did not want to take any chances this time. He decided to first read extensively about Lord Hanuman so that he is aware of His stature and his achievements. He wanted to be aware of what Lord Hanuman stands for. This will help him be dedicated in the devotion. With this thinking, he started reading religious scriptures dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama (the master of Lord Hanuman).
He read how the Lord helped His devotees in their hardships, as per the mythology. When Sugreeva, the monkey king, was hiding in the hills from his older brother, Bali, Hanuman helped him befriend Rama. Rama killed Bali to save Sugreeva and have the kingdom to Sugreeva. In return, Sugreeva was to help Rama in search for Sita, Rama’s wife. However, Sugreeva, after finding his long lost kingdom, forgot about his service to Rama. Then Hanuman again reminded him of his services and thus saved him from Rama’s ire. This was Mohan found that Lord Hanuman ensures bringing back his devotees to the rightful path.

Mohan then read about the story that Lord Hanuman, in search for Sita, jumped across the ocean to Lanka and executed intelligence to find the whereabouts of Sita inside the kingdom of Ravana. The whole episode tought Mohan about the Lord’s message about the service attitude towards ones Master and a single minded focus to the task at hand.

Mohan also read about the Lord’s significant contribution in the battle between Rama and Ravana, and how he demolished the opponents by the sheer force of his power. All this reading made him understand how complete the being Lord Hanuman is.
Filled with the feeling of devotion towards the Lord, Mohan started offering prayers to the monkey God regularly. He was still reverent towards the mother Goddess and Shiva, but, by now, he had understood that the path for him was to worship and meditate on Lord Hanuman. Unlike his attempts to meditate on the mother’s statue, this time Mohan was able to easily meditate on the statue of Lord Hanuman. He was gradually developing various emotions towards the deity: that of Guru (the teacher), that of a friend, that of Guardian, that of companion and do on. As the time past, Moham realized that he was progressing on his devotion towards the Lord spontaneously and naturally.


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