Subtle Matters – Challenges Galore

While still carrying some burden of his superstitions, Mohan had now grown to his adolescence. He was going through the peculiar changes of this age. His way of looking at various things in life was changing. While watching any TV show or a movie, any romantic scene between a couple was grabbing his attention and was coming back to him till long after that. He was also going through the bodily changes of this age.

One evening he was watching a movie with his cousin. A hot romantic song engaged by a gorgeous and sexy actress grabbed Mohan’s attention and it just proved too much for him to control. He slyly got up from the couch, hiding his erected private, and headed towards the washroom. He started playfully fondling with it and in few minutes he was driven to continue the act, not only by the pleasure of the act but also by the curiosity. The pleasure consummated in next few minutes, not only making Mohan enjoy the sensastions, but also making him confused, clueless and slightly worried. Unable to comprehend what was happening with him, he washed himself and came back.
The next day he discussed this incident with his cousin, who told him that it was normal for adolescents to go through this experience. Mohan felt quite relieved and thought about enjoying the act again. But, to his surprise, he found himself doing this again and again. Not only this, he also noticed his increased tendency to observe the curves of girls around him slyly.
As the time was passing, he was growing into a person who would observe a girl, marvel at her beauty, fantasize about her, but would not have the guts to speak to her. Whenever he spoke to girls about any matter related to studies or something else, he was to the point. Other than that, he felt too shy to speak to them. In his interactions with girls, he was polite bitty short and sweet. However, after that he invariably used to fantasize about the girl in private, conjuring many stories of himself going around with the girl, to the point of making love.
Publicity he never wanted to be seen as a person who was too interested in making friends with girls. He wanted to be seen as too focused on his work, to the point that many times he used to just ignore presence of some girls, even if that was the same girl whom he fantasized about the previous evening.
Amid all this, his academic performance continued to be good, which made him popular among his classmates in school as he had developed an image of an intelligent and focused boy.
Every time he fantasized about a girl and had his private pleasure, he would end up feeling guilty. He felt that the Creator was watching him and this was immoral at his part to imagine all such things about a girl.


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