Subtle Matters – Secretive Pursuits

The management education helped Mohan to learn, recognize and sometime overcome various new aspects of himself. As he got the opportunity to meet and interact with people from various backgrounds and from all over India, his various beliefs of superiority got busted. For instance, he thought students with engineering education were smarter than others; people who are vegetarians are superior; North Indians are more liberal and so on.

The schedule at the management school was difficult, as sometimes the lectures went on from morning till late evening, leaving little time for Mohan to continue his routine of evening prayers. He mulled the idea of letting go of the evening prayers for a while, but then decided that he should not discontinue the prayers which he had been following since his childhood. This made him run to his hostel room after the classes every evening, when all his other colleagues were heading for dinner and friendly chitchat. By the time he went for dinner after prayers, normally all his colleagues had left. This made his interactions with colleagues minimal.

The three-years teaching stint had made Mohan a laconic and serious person. He would rather utter limited number of fit for purpose and meaningful words, than going on and on with his speech. His interests in many modern lifestyle activities – movies, TV shows, coffee, shopping – had become subdued. Needless to say, he was just able to make few close friends, and no girlfriend. People appreciated him as a serious, studious, intelligent and mature gentleman, but not as an interesting friend. He had developed liking towards few girls in the college but lacked the tacts to convert short conversations into a coffee session or dining together.

Soon after the B-school, he started working with a consulting firm and in no time he got married, thanks to the still-alive concept of arranged-marriages in India. He felt lucky for finally being able to have someone in his life. He was loving the company of his wife and in exploring this happiness several years passed by.

By now, he had a kid aged 3 years with his wife. Professionally also, he had settled in his consulting job with a couple of quick promotions. This time he started noticing something strange about himself. He was desperately looking at any hot lady he would find anywhere: in shopping malls, office, streets, and so on. Even when he was with his wife, he would not miss an opportunity to stare at any hot girl. Just to maintain some decency, he would try to cover himself by randomly moving his gaze quickly, so that others, especially his wife, is unable to make out about his misadventures.

In some days, he noticed that he had almost fixed some hot girls as targets at the lunch time at his office. They would sit in some table at the cafeteria and as and when Mohan found an opportunity, he would seat himself with his friends at a place from where he could slyly have his gaze on them. It went on like this for many days, before those girls started realizing it. As a response, one of those girls gave him a hard stare back one day. He immediately moved his gaze away as if he was not aware of what had happened.


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