Subtle Matters – An Engaged Mind

After returning home that day, Mohan reviewed the day’s event in office and feared what could be in store for him. He was wondering if that girl whom he was staring at would complain about him to the HR? And, in that case, would HR decide to take any action against him? Would he be soon out of job for charges of sexual harassment? And, would he be able to find a job in any other reputable company? He was wondering if what he did calls for such harsh punishment for him? Unable to find answers, he decided to see how things turn out over next few days in office.

The next day, it remained business as usual till lunch time. He was somewhat relieved thinking that the lady had not complained about him yet, but was still unsure. At lunch time, he consciously chose a seat from where he could not see the group of those girls. The lunch time also passed without any untoward development, making Mohan further relieved. By the time he left office that day, his tension had given way to happiness, as apparently nothing happened. The lady did not complain and perhaps had decided to observe if Mohan continues his misadventure. Mohan had now decided that he would consciously not stare at those girls anymore, else his fears could come true.

Around the same time, Mohan was given responsibility to lead a team of five people on a project. As this was the first time, Mohan got a chance to lead a team he wanted to make a mark as a team manager and as a leader of people. He started to plan his work on various dimensions, including the people aspect, the project knowhow aspect and the aspect of communication with various stakeholders, internal and external. This made him busy in learning new things in order to successfully meet the challenges of the new role. As he was getting into the nitty gritties of things of the project, his focus on the project was increasing and his interest in other things and surroundings was decreasing.

By this time, on the personal front, he had added a solid routine of daily meditation, while continuing with his daily prayers. He learned few meditation techniques after carefully reading various books and other materials, and selected a couple of techniques for his daily practices. He began with a 10 minutes practice daily, which over the period of couple of years increased to 40-45 minutes of practice daily. His meditation practice was supporting him in various ways. Physically, he felt much healthier and despite having a rather slim physique, he was able to see significant improvement in his immunity levels. Even at work, he was able to focus better on things at hand, without being under stress easily. That was helping him to perform well even in high pressure situations at work.

He was getting the initial feelers of him being on the right path as he was getting approval of his superiors and client. Over some period of time, he also noticed that he was being liked by his team members as a manager. On numerous occasions, his team members expressed appreciation for him as a leader, mentor and friend while speaking to other colleagues in Mohan’s absence. Some of these conversations reached to Mohan through some common friends and colleagues, which made Mohan feel good about his work. He was also full of appreciation for his team members and always tried to highlight their strengths in public, guiding them on their week areas in one on one conversations. In a matter of a year or so, he was able to create a very positive environment in his team, which started causing other teams to be envious at times. The positivity was reflecting a rub-off effect on the client, who gradually entrusted the team with increased volume of work, which led to increase in team size and the revenue earned by Mohan’s team. Mohan was now being appreciated as a successful manager, while initially he was not considered the first choice for this role as many believed that an introverted person like him would not make a great manager.

Mohan was enjoying his work and all the positive things that it brought along. He knew that he must be being considered for the next promotion, given his strong performance, but he was not too concerned about the promotion. He got positively surprised when he got to know that he received the promotion in that appraisal year. He decided to continue focusing on the work in the same manner as before, without letting the promotion to go to his head. Over another year or so, he was in such a command of the team, the client, the stakeholders, that he started feeling highly at ease.

It was at that time that he again noticed something about himself. The demons which he thought were killed few years back, have surfaced again, and, with an increased intensity this time.


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