Subtle Matters – Shadow of the Past

No matter how much he thought about finding a possible solution, Mohan did not find any solution to his problem. He had almost given up to this bad habit of staring at women at every chance. The only way out he found was keeping himself engaged in work, as at such times his this habit used to take a back seat. On the other hand, he continued with his intense practice of meditation and energy healing.

By now, he had been practicing meditation for over five years. His practices had now enabled him to experiment with his own past life experiences and fragments. His first such experience occurred when one evening he was sitting in meditation and purposelessly without much thought used one of the past life regression techniques which he had learnt through some books and online videos. He found himself as an old man lying in a field, with blood oozing out of the wounds on his body. He was about to die. He also saw some people surrounding the old dying man, with sticks and rods in their hands. Apparently, the old man was beaten to death by those folks. Next, he saw a closer view of the field where the old man was lying. The soil was dry and had cracks, showing that the region was experiencing a draught. The whole field was dry with hardly any crop. On one corner of the field was a wooden hut/ shack of the old man, where he apparently lived alone. He also saw an old, rich gentleman who ran a business in that area, but the dying old man was not at good terms with the rich man. When Mohan was able to connect the story revealed to him in the meditation, he got to know that he earlier in that life used to work for the rich gentleman, but later decided to work independently. The rich man was not happy with this decision, but still let the old man experiment. The old man worked hard and was doing good for himself independently by cultivating his farmland until the famine started due to draught. The old man had to borrow money from several people to survive through the prolonged draught. One day his creditors gathered to recover their money from the old man. As the draught prolonged, the old man was not in the position to repay any debt. All the creditors on being provoked by the rich man, decided to beat the old man to death and seize his land. During this meditation, he was also revealed that some of his creditors and the rich man were his close relatives in this life time.


When Mohan came out of this meditation, he was shocked by this revelation. He somehow wanted to verify the veracity of this revelation. He went back to the meditation, focused on this revelation again and tried to inquire about the place and time reference of this occurrence. To his surprise, he was revealed the name of the town and the district; and the year reference of this event. Mohan came out of the meditation again and hit Google to check about any prolonged drought in that area around the same time frame. After a few searches, he found that the town Chandausi in Meerut district that time, had experienced a prolonged drought between 1837 and 1838. This just made Mohan speechless.

In his mind, Mohan did not have any doubt about the veracity of the revelation of his past life. Though, he saw some of his close relatives in the present life being involved in his murder in the past life, he did not feel any hard feeling against those in the current life. He was just more aware of the context of his relationships with those individuals beyond the current life. He was able to make out the reason for his feeling certain specific emotions on meeting some of those people in the current life.

For example, the rich gentleman of the past life, was his father in the current life and since his college days, Mohan had developed a strange relationship of a mix of respect and rebellion with his father. He often wanted to run away from his father, while still being caring for him. He had often found his father dissuading him on some of his enterprises, which had left Mohan sulking. Mohan had always perceived his father as if he was wishing for his failure. He now realized that his emotions of rebellion, and contestation towards his father were signifying his unresolved perception about the rich gentleman of the past life. He thought that perhaps he had a chance to ease his relations with his father by resolving this perception about the rich gentleman of the past life. However, he still had to learn the way of resolving the perceptions of the past life.

One thing which Mohan learnt from this past life revelation and its correlation with the present life was that one should definitely pay heed to ones emotions as and when they are triggered due to any event/ person. Perhaps those emotions tend to convey some hidden facts about us, which if we become aware of, we will be able to live much more peacefully.

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