Scrutinizing the Past

Mohan continued in life with the memories of his past life revelations and his newly acquired knowledge of nature of his relations with some of his close relatives. So continued his ill habit of staring at women at every chance. Now, this habit had even taken a worst turn as Mohan’s gaze was now directly hitting the women at their bodily curves. Especially, when Mohan faced the back of the women, his gaze was even more audacious. Some of his women colleagues took notice of it at a random instance, but might have decided to give it a pass as Mohan, otherwise, had reputation of a very diligent and focused on work executive. Mohan also got to know whenever a colleague suspected him of his misadventures, and started avoiding gazing at that lady for some days to be safe. While he was being able to somehow protect himself, at the same time, he was growing aware of the urgency of some intervention that he needed to cure himself.

He was also wondering if there existed any method by which a person could heal the perceptions from his/ her past life, in order to improve the experience in the current life. Repeatedly, he used to get thoughts about his past life revelation and its possible relevance in his current life. So, he was on a lookout for a method which could help him and he was exploring various books, videos and other means to find an answer. Months have past during which he had read numerous books on spirituality, past life, near-death experiences, reincarnation and other similar subjects, but to no avail.

One evening he thought that he should go back to his past life meditation which had revealed that incident to him and try to fathom more details from there. He sat for meditation and used the white light meditation technique which he had read in some of his spiritual readings. He had read that this technique helps the seeker connect with the universal energy and he thought he should seek help from this universal energy to unravel this problem. He connected with the universal energy and asked to be taken to that past life incident. To his amazement, the next moment, he found his consciousness at the same scene when the old man was about to die. Next, he asked the Universal Energy to reveal to him the details of the connection between the rich gentleman and death of the old man.

The next moment, he saw in his mind’s eye that the old man was telling the rich man about his decision to part ways. The rich man was not happy and asked the old man to rethink. When the rich man saw the old man determined, he allowed the old man to go. The old man worked hard and earned a decent fortune for himself, which made the rich man a bit envious. At the peak of the famine, people from the area turned to looting and using violence in order to gather some food for their families. As the rich man had resources to safeguard himself, he was able to protect his fortune, family and servants. When the people realized that they would not be able to get anything from the rich man, they found an easy target in the old man who lived alone. The mob was joined by people who had lent some money to the old man. The old man kept repeating that he had run out of the grains and he had nothing to give to the mob, but people thought that he was lying. He was beaten to death and because he knew that the mob was coming from the rich man’s place, he had developed a belief that the rich man provoked the mob against him.

Mohan came out of his meditation and started reflecting over the information revealed to him during the meditation. He realized that the old man at the time of death had developed a strong belief that he was being beaten on provocation from the rich man. He had developed an emotion of distrust towards the rich man and had a feeling of being deceited by the rich man. These emotions at the time of death were good enough a reason for him to choose a life with the rich man to understand through his emotions.

Through the meditation, Mohan was able to see the larger truth behind that incident. In his conscious mind, he was now aware that the rich man was not the cause of his brutal death in that life, but at the deeper levels of his consciousness, this wisdom was yet to set in. He thought that he should again try to connect with the universal energy and ask for setting in the higher understanding of the incident involving his death as the old man in that lifetime. He connected again with the universal energy after settling in the meditation and requested the universal energy to grant him the higher understanding of the incident involving his death as the old man in that life. The next moment, he felt a strong current of energy flowing through his being, starting from the top of head to the toes, in a flash of a second. He thought that it was just a random shivering of the body, but deep in his mind, he had a serious doubt about it, and a growing belief that it was a grant that he just requested.

Still trying to decide between shivering and grant, which side his belief was, he also requested the universal energy to grant him higher understanding of emotions of distrust and feeling of deceit. In both these occasions also, he felt the similar strokes of shiver. With a mix of joy and disbelief, he came out of his meditation and thought about witnessing if any noticeable changes occur in his life.

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