Watch your thoughts, words, actions and emotions…

“We are creating our destiny in each moment, through what we think, speak and act.” – Shivi Dua in her book “Let the Power Be With You”


Living in this world, every person has a perception of the world. This perception for each individual is different and unique. Even two people from the same family have different perceptions of the world because their perceptions are driven by their individual way of thinking, way of reacting to situations, liking and disliking and all other things.

For example, X and Y are colleagues and work in a team. They have another teammate, Z, who tends to ask tens of questions (relevant, irrelevant and even some more) on every work related interaction. Add to that Z is also not a patient listener and would keep harping on his question even after that being answered by the person several times.

During every interaction with Z, X tends to get irritated, which would start reflecting in his tone of voice, the selection of his words etc. The situation would come close to a friction, when X decides to leave the place pretending some other work. Once, the matter was really urgent and X decided not to leave. He pretended that Y has answers to some of Z’s questions and on this pretext called Y in the discussion.

Now X got a chance to observe Y in the same situation. He found that though Y appeared equally convinced on the irrelevance of Z’s questions but Y was not upset. On the contrary, Y was laughing and smiling while answering Z’s questions, one after another. On some outrageously irrelevant questions, Y just replied that he did not know this.

Through the similar situation, while X created a negative emotion of irritation within, Y created the emotion of laughter. X’s irritation in the long run would have led to difficult working relation between X and Z, while Y’s pleasantness would ensure smoothness between Y and Z.

Assuming Z was more powerful in the team,  either Z would have created difficulties for X or X would have started fearing that Z would create difficulty for him. This could have led to X experiencing stressful work life. On the other hand, the experience for Y could have been comfortable.

Watching our thoughts, impulses, actions and emotions help us by giving us this unique power of creating our life experience as we desire.




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