Fear of failure is worse than failing

A 10-year old rustic boy (A) first time found a cycle to ride. He wanted to learn riding it, but was afraid of falling off. For first few days, he could not gather enough courage to pull it out of his home, but he kept thinking and visualizing himself, learning to successfully ride the cycle.

After few days of visualising, he finally pulled it out of the home one evening. He had proactively instructed one of his friends to help him ride the cycle. So, this friend helped him mount the cycle. Once atop, he was able to quickly learn pedaling and controlling the cycle. Once done, he again requested his friend to help him dismount.

He continued his cycling practice this way for next few days by seeking help in mounting and dismounting from somebody or the other. He was relishing cycling but was too fearful of falling in independently mounting or dismounting. As a result, for long, he was able to cycle only when he had some help available and rest of the time he had to suppress his desire for cycling.

One day, he again requested a friend (B) to help him mount. This friend was too frustrated by these never ending requests for help by now and decided to make A mount his cycle on his own. He encourage A to mount on his own and reassured him that he will ensure that A does not fall.

A first looked at B hesitantly but then thought that he himself was sick of requesting people to help him mount the cycle. So, A decided to give it a try. As soon as A attempted to mount, his cycle got tilted towards his side and fell off. B helped him get up and told him to ensure keeping the cycle slightly tilted in the beginning to balance his weight.


With the mantra, A attempted another mount and this time it was successful. The joy of this success made A forget the pain he felt after falling off during the first mount.

It is not the failure that limits a person, fear of failure does. If we embrace the failure, we might never fail.



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