Thread of life

Dear readers, I wrote this poem in Hindi and then realised, as some of my friends here may not be conversant with Hindi, so I should publish an English translation here. I hope some of you will enjoy reading this. Even if not, I express my sincere thanks for bearing with me and stopping by this post!

Thread of life is so entangled

It always seems as if it is about to be resolved the next moment


One day a weaver picked an entangled thread

And resolved he will disentangle it completely


He argued, could straightening a four-feet thread be a big task?

Thinking this, he started making his way to the other end of the thread


After two feets, he knew the thread was longer than four feets

After some more time, he thought perhaps his sight is aging, because the thread was even longer

After some more time, he was completely perplexed about the length of the thread

He thought, how could a 4 feet long thread become the cloth of Draupadi (lady in a mythical tale from Mahabharata who wore an endless cloth)


The weaver now realized that he might not get to the other end of this endless thread

Because in this attempt, he might have to travel for years and to various realms

The next moment, he got surprised to realize that this thread had some knots after every small gap

Some were large and some small akin several riddles

He asked for help from learned people, but they all failed to solve the riddles

Now weaver was tired, but there was no one to understand his frustration


Tired, he went and sat beneath a large tree, with eyes closed

Disappointed he was, his mind empty and he was breathing deeply

Without realizing it, then the weaver got lost somewhere

His mind, body and breath were nowhere to find, but there was only “Him”


There was only “Him”, so, there were no knots anywhere

Wow! See the weaver was successful in finding the other end of the thread

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