Dance at the Third Eye (Translated)

Below lines describe that state of a spiritual seeker when (s)he continuously experiences sensations at the Third Eye Chakra. At times, these sensations are also felt at the top of the head (or the Crown Chakra). The seeker wonders when his/ her Third Eye Chakra will open and the sensations will give way to enlightenment.


A nubile girl dances with a fascinating sound,

and comes in between both my eyes,

while dancing it goes from one side to another,

and builds hope in my mind.


                                  With her swag, this girl jumps here and there

and climbs on the terrace of the building

Watching this, i keep laughing as I can’t say anything to her

I feel as if I have lost all my consciousness


She continues dancing and does not show any sign of being tired,

Rather she keeps gaining intensity with time passing,

I experience this and wonder,

When Sun will rise


I hope that Sun rises, and brings in its heat,

and its light brightens up my home and the terrace

I wish that the Sun’s heat sets the dancer girl ablaze,

and the ashes get immersed in me.




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