Aging Gracefully – Regain Hearing Faculty through Yoga

With aging, various sense faculties of our body start to get feeble, which at times, makes us feel embarrassed before our friends, family and society. While, some people are sensitive about the challenges faced by senior citizens, but not all. Some may even use these opportunities for ridiculing the elderly.

In this article, I wish to present some simple yet effective Yoga techniques which, with regular practice, can help elderly people to regain their hearing faculty.

  • Shunya Mudra:

Sit on a chair or on floor (on a mat) in a comfortable position with spine straight

Place your hands on knees, palms facing upwards. Let your elbows be loose and relaxed.

Fold your middle-finger and press it downwards gently with the tips of your thumbs. Let all other fingers be straight, as shown below:

Focus on your breathe and try to notice if you feel any sensations in your ear, eyes and nose.

Sit in this position for 5-10 minutes, twice every day. Persevere with this practice for 2-3 months.

  • Bhramari Pranayam:

Sit on a chair or on floor (on a mat) in a comfortable position with spine straight

Gently close your eyes and place your index fingers along your eyebrows, middle fingers over your eyes with tip touching the corner of the eye sockets, followed by the rest two fingers.

Close your ears with your thumbs and take a deep breath in.

Start exhaling gently and gradually, keeping your mouth closed chant AUM while you exhale. The chant should produce some vibrations in your skull and between your ears.

Repeat this practice for 9 more time and twice a day. Persevere with this practice for 2-3 months.

Case example

My 70 year old mom, had started to develop hearing disability due to age. Initially, every body in our family thought that she was not paying enough attention to what was being said and hence she was not able to comprehend the conversation. However, as the situation started becoming more acute and more frequent, she was started to be subjected to ridicule by people around her.

One day, I felt really bad for her as I somehow started reflecting on the consequences of aging and how it could affect one’s self-esteem. I decided to consult a doctor and was not surprised to know that her hearing ability had started to diminish due to age. I contemplated of buying a hearing aid for her, but she never agreed for it.

At that point, I was somehow able to convince her to start practicing this mudra and pranayam regularly. After spending few days with her, I left for my home, with the hope that she benefits with these practices.

After 4-5 weeks of coming back, one day I was speaking to her over the phone when I realised a change. Unlike before, she was not asking me to repeat what I said as she was able to comprehend everything.

Just to be sure, I asked her if she was regular with her practice. She replied in affirmative. Unable to suppress my happiness, I asked her if she has realised any change in her hearing ability. At that point, we both started laughing.

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