Old Gentleman rids of his swollen feet after 20 years

This 56 years old gentleman had been attracting aches, injuries, swellings on the left part of his body – hand, leg, and feet. The longest issue was pain and swelling on his left ankle, which was continuing for almost an year, despite all medical diligence.


On healing the person through Serenity Surrender, it was found that the person was deep in conflict between logic and emotion, favouring the latter and feeling guilty for ignoring logic. This had a past life connection. In that life, the person in his childhood was trying hard to swim against a stream, arising due to flood. He was emotionally wrecked for loosing all his close ones. Now all he wanted was to somehow not leave that place where he had lived all this while and where he has all pleasant memories of life.

While, eventually this boy had to accept the terms of life, but he always felt guilty of making a logical choice of leaving his cherished place. This made him feel tempted to ignore logic as much as possible and go by emotions. Even for making this choice, the person kept feeling guilty of ignoring logics every now and then. This all was leading to a rising conflict between logic and emotion. This was manifesting in the form of issues in left part of the body, which is controlled by right part of the brain.

Within a week of conducting the healing, the person reported significant improvement in his swelling ankles and other injuries.

May he continue to live in bliss!

Issues with M-i-L

This 45-yrs old lady had been witnessing sever issues with her mom-in-law over past 20 years. The situation had reached to a level that she had lost her natural cheerfulness and she had developed several severe health issues (including anxiety attacks, arthritis, and so on). She was heavily on medications and had lost hopes of a pleasant life. She also felt that her condition had also started affecting her children, who were not unaware of the consistent issues between their mother and grandmom. (more…)

A young IT professional comes out of his chronic depression spells

A 32-year old IT professional was suffering with chronic spells of depression for over two years and was advised to use anti-depression pills. Some of the issues he faced included:

  • feeling that something bad was going to happen
  • loosing sense of reality and himself
  • fear of forgetting everything and hence sleeplessness
  • afraid of being alone
  • muscle tightness in head due to lack of proper sleep
  • being unable to focus when working alone
  • tendency of trying to pay too much attention to surroundings
  • loosing visual focus


A 52 yr old arthritis patient quits medicine

This lady had trouble in doing her routine household activities due to her arthritis. She had a terrible pain in her knees and fingers of her hands. She had to depend heavily on medications to be able to walk and do her household work.

Regular healing sessions enabled her to do her routine work without taking any medications. She even started feeling energetic throughout the day.

May her bliss continues unabated…