Conflict between logic and emotions

This 56 years old gentleman had been attracting aches, injuries, swellings on the left part of his body – hand, leg, and feet. The longest issue was pain and swelling on his left ankle, which was continuing for almost an year, despite all medical diligence.

On healing the person through Serenity Surrender, it was found that the person was deep in conflict between logic and emotion, favouring the latter and feeling guilty for ignoring logic. This had a past life connection. In that life, the person in his childhood was trying hard to swim against a stream, arising due to flood. He was emotionally wrecked for loosing all his close ones. Now all he wanted was to somehow not leave that place where he had lived all this while and where he has all pleasant memories of life.

While, eventually this boy had to accept the terms of life, but he always felt guilty of making a logical choice of leaving his cherished place. This made him feel tempted to ignore logic as much as possible and go by emotions. Even for making this choice, the person kept feeling guilty of ignoring logics every now and then. This all was leading to a rising conflict between logic and emotion. This was manifesting in the form of issues in left part of the body, which is controlled by right part of the brain.

Within a week of conducting the healing, the person reported significant improvement in his swelling ankles and other injuries.

May he continue to live in bliss!

Bells Palsy patient gains benefit

My experiences as a healer are making me feel complete, giving me a serene feeling of fullness and contentment. I hardly find myself longing for something and yet find myself enjoying the bliss in life.

A similar feeling i experienced when the life offered me to heal a person who had recently suffered from Bells Palsy (partial face paralysis) attack. The person, a 28 years old gentleman, had completed using the medications and physiotherapy by which his face twist was cured to a large extent, but still there was some recognizable twist left over.  Besides the facetwist, this person was into an incorrigible habit of thinking negatively about himself and people around him, and causing unnecessary stress for himself.

After the Reiki sessions, this person reported a general feeling of being full of energy and a much controlled tendency of going into that thinking mode. His happiness quotient improved and so did his relations with people around him. His facetwist also reduced to almost unrecognizable levels.

I feel overwhelmed for being chosen by the Divine to be of help.

Cranky hubby n nagging wife

A man in late thirties often experienced his wife blaming him for shouting at her. And… the poor man never realized if he was shouting at her. In his opinion, he was just putting across his point with an extra bit of conviction.

Sounds like a story of every married couple. Isn’t it 🙂

One day, this took a really ugly turn and the couple went into an argument. The wife claiming that her husband was shouting at her. The man convinced that he was just talking. To the man’s plight, their kid also sided with the lady. Now, the man realizes that he ought to do something about it.

His healing through Serenity Surrender reveals a connection of a previous life, where the husband developed an intense guilt for not choosing to help this lady in a really tough time, despite being capable of helping her.

After the session, the couple reported significant change in attitude and improved home environment.

Fear can be dealt with

A 32 years old lady had a long held fear due to which, she – even at her home – would make sure that all the windows/ doors of her home closed and curtained (to the dark). She would check this repeatedly to reassure herself and often – to the extent – making her family members concerned. She had been living this since her childhood.

While conducting healing for her through Serenity Surrender, it was revealed that in one of her past lives, she was alone enclosed in her hut as a child, when a war broke out. Her parents had gone out to arrange to leave the city to a safe place as they knew that war could break out anytime, leaving the kid to safety in the enclosed hut. As the war started, few burning objects and arrows pierced through the roof of the hut and hit the girl, causing end to that life. The episode created this fear of being unsafe even at home, and that that she will be left alone by her dear ones, which she continued to live in the current life.

After the healing session, the lady reported considerable change in her attitude.