Picमौत की हर आहट पर, अब ख़ौफ़ज़दा है ज़िन्दगी

जो कभी दहाड़ती थी, वो अब मिहमिहाती ज़िन्दगी

Life is feeling concerned on every knock of Death,

A life which was once full of energy, vitality, is now feeling powerless



Subtle Matters – Secretive Pursuits

The management education helped Mohan to learn, recognize and sometime overcome various new aspects of himself. As he got the opportunity to meet and interact with people from various backgrounds and from all over India, his various beliefs of superiority got busted. For instance, he thought students with engineering education were smarter than others; people who are vegetarians are superior; North Indians are more liberal and so on.


Subtle Matters – Changing the Game

Over the period of time, he had started noticing people around him behaving in a cautious manner with him. They were either agreeing to whatever he said or were expressing their disagreement in a soft and cautious tone. Many people had started limiting their interaction with him to just greetings and smiles, without engaging into any discussion. Mohan was quick to catch these signals and understood that he had got some introspection to do.


Subtle Matters – Swinging little too far

This resolution gave Mohan the strength to focus on his studies, ignoring all the distractions. For the time being, he had also given up the desire to make lot of friends. Instead, he had decided to welcome whatever friends life bestowed on him naturally. Effectively, he had given up conscious attempts to make friends with someone. Whoever became his friend in natural course of life, he welcomed them and enjoyed their company.


Subtle Matters – Taking charge of life

Mohan had to now shift from his town school to a college in a bigger city. When he visited the college on the first time for submission of his application form, he was just awestruck after looking at the vibrant and appealing crowd. Unlike his school, he found the girls here just too hot for him. He realized that day, that he had developed quite a roving eye. After submitting the application form, Mohan returned home and was too excited to join the college to pursue his studies and “other interests”. However, at the same time, Mohan was feeling nervous and was wondering if he would be accepted as a colleague by such high class, urban students.