Catharsis – Part 9 – Reading it out aloud

Mohan: I am now giving you the last set of assertions Reema. Again please go through each of these statements and write down all that you feel after reading these… your emotions, feelings, thoughts etc.

Reema (taking the piece of paper from Mohan’s hand): Yes Mohan, I will do. (more…)


Catharsis – Part 7 – Taming the Conscious Resistance

Mohan: I have written down the first set of some assertions for you on this paper. You just read through these assertions and write down anything and everything that comes to your mind upon reading the assertions on your notepad.

Mahan hands over the paper to Reema. She hurriedly grabs the paper and begins to read aloud. (more…)

Catharsis – Part 5 – Lesson on the ‘Self’

The next morning after the breakfast, Reema joins Mohan in the room for the healing session. Mohan sat on a chair next to the study table in the room. Reema occupied the opposite chair, still feeling nervous about what is going to happen in the healing session. Sheena and Ashish, along with the kids, decided to leave Reema and Mohan undisturbed in the room. (more…)