Catharsis Part 3 – Letting the Time Ripe

The next morning, Reema and Ashish are sitting with the host couple at the dining table for the breakfast. Reema’s mind is still racing fast, trying to figure out how she should start the conversation with Mohan about healing. One moment she thinks that she should simply tell Mohan her problem and plainly ask him how he could help. The next moment, she thinks that they are scheduled to start their return drive in another couple of hours and even if she started the topic with Mohan, there was not enough time to discuss the topic at length or may be to conduct a healing session. Struggling with these thoughts, she noticed that everyone was through the breakfast. (more…)


A young IT professional comes out of his chronic depression spells

A 32-year old IT professional was suffering with chronic spells of depression for over two years and was advised to use anti-depression pills. Some of the issues he faced included:

  • feeling that something bad was going to happen
  • loosing sense of reality and himself
  • fear of forgetting everything and hence sleeplessness
  • afraid of being alone
  • muscle tightness in head due to lack of proper sleep
  • being unable to focus when working alone
  • tendency of trying to pay too much attention to surroundings
  • loosing visual focus