Fear can be dealt with

A 32 years old lady had a long held fear due to which, she – even at her home – would make sure that all the windows/ doors of her home closed and curtained (to the dark). She would check this repeatedly to reassure herself and often – to the extent – making her family members concerned. She had been living this since her childhood.

While conducting healing for her through Serenity Surrender, it was revealed that in one of her past lives, she was alone enclosed in her hut as a child, when a war broke out. Her parents had gone out to arrange to leave the city to a safe place as they knew that war could break out anytime, leaving the kid to safety in the enclosed hut. As the war started, few burning objects and arrows pierced through the roof of the hut and hit the girl, causing end to that life. The episode created this fear of being unsafe even at home, and that that she will be left alone by her dear ones, which she continued to live in the current life.

After the healing session, the lady reported considerable change in her attitude.


How distant healings work

Distance healing is the process of conducting energy healings while the healer is physically at distant location from the person being healed.

Often we suspect its possibility, because this does not get with the logical mind. We fail to understand how this can be possible.

As science agrees that the world has dual nature – that of a particle and of a wave. So, even as per the LOGICAL mind, we can say that every thing that we see and experience in the world is energy. So, this energy connects all the beings in the world.


Now, if we are already connected by the energy, then how can this be impossible for a healer to activate his energetic connection with the person being healed (even if they are physically at distant locations).