Subtle Matters – The Dichotomy of Life

As soon as Mohan felt at ease about his responsibilities in life, he had stared being tormented by these demons well-known to him by now. While conducting business at his workplace and during lunch or in any other setting, Mohan again noticed himself looking out for people of opposite sex and staring them. This time the situation was even worse than before in the sense that his target set had swelled in terms of age, marital status etc. He was not so much distinguishing between unmarried girls, married ladies, women with children; as long as the lady looked attractive, he found himself staring at her. No matter how he wanted to control his urge to visually chase the ladies, his ability to control his gaze was dwindling with time as it had become almost compulsive for him to stare. He was not at all happy with what kind of a person he was turning out to be. Consciously, he was aware that he must not indulge in such visual retreat with live people, but as soon as the opportunity presented itself, he just had to give in to his desire. What perturbed him even more that this all was happening to him despite of the fact that he was making steady progress in his meditation practices.