The Art of ‘Letting Go’

We have heard many times people saying, ‘Let go’, Let go of your emotions, situations, and even people.They say that one is in ‘pure bliss’ with the act of ‘letting go’… but nobody says How? Nobody explainshow. Each one is left to one’s own understanding of how to go about it. In fact, what works … Continue reading The Art of ‘Letting Go’

The elusive ‘Compatibility’ with partner

So often in our day to day life, we come across people talking about the compatibility between life partners. These are people cutting across religions, nationalities, genders, and age groups, but talking about the same elusive 'Compatibility' in their married lives. People from all sorts of relationship backgrounds like living-ins, looking to get married, married, … Continue reading The elusive ‘Compatibility’ with partner

Old Gentleman rids of his swollen feet after 20 years

This 56 years old gentleman had been attracting aches, injuries, swellings on the left part of his body - hand, leg, and feet. The longest issue was pain and swelling on his left ankle, which was continuing for almost an year, despite all medical diligence. On healing the person through Serenity Surrender, it was found … Continue reading Old Gentleman rids of his swollen feet after 20 years